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This web site is for Caravan Owners on BOURNE LEISURE CARAVAN PARKS (Also Called HAVEN HOLIDAY PARKS)


There is a good reason for this Web site, a very good reason

Nowhere, on the Internet for UK caravans will you find such a long list of bad business practices from different web sites and so much dissent for the above PARKs - its amazing

We often wonder what the ebay % satifaction would be!

Its worth a read before you decide to buy:- caveat emptor - buyer beware

Bad Management in the Last 2 years or should we say bad management decisions, which caused / forced some 200 Owners (from nearly (950) to leave 2006-2007 has caused such a loss of revenue, hence in 2007-2008 that most rents were increased by £200 + per year over the annual inflation (some at a recent meeting reported £5,000 additional increase) and some are really struggling to pay the average increase of £500 per annum. - what will it for 2008-2009?


Posted 28th March 2008

Link to one of the best web sites around - They expose so much - You are not alone!

Posted 26th March 2008
Office of Fair Trading :- Fairer Terms for Holiday Caravan Owners 15th Jan 2008
Just A Warning to all


posted 25th March 2008

To obtain details of the existing and very worthwhile Church Farm Owners Association and become a member (£5 for 2 years) speak to the committee, field reps, or send us your contact details and we will pass it on to them. Or goto
THIS SITE :- WE ARE INDEPENDENT - We are the real owners exclusive

Most Horrors could be stopped if only Park owners were forced to sell caravans at the correct price. To the unsuspecting, Examples are that they sell Caravans at 2 to 5 times higher than the real value (usually a minimum of £15,000 is added on). A second-hand caravan worth £3000 to £6,000 on a private sale would be sold for £20,000 to £30,000 (so you think that it is what it is worth). Now when "you" want to sell (say your rent has been put up by 50% from last year), you find that your £30,000 caravan is only worth say £5,000 and it is very hard to sell privately because of the clauses they put in your contract. To say they have got you by the short and curleys, is an understatement, especially if you bought on finance and hence they can treat you as badly as they like. People are paying off finance 10 years after they have given up the caravan!!

But please remember, you are not covered by any law not the caravan act, tenants & landlords Acts, because these are Holiday Caravans (second homes) which are not covered by anything.

This is a major purchase, a lot of money is involved. The Prime "Do" is to insist on a minimum 10 years (to 20 years if you can) buy back plan, do not sign anything until you get one in writing - you will so regret not getting one.

Other questions to get in writing:- (You want a yes to all these)

Will you fix any increase in rent to inflation ?
Even if you are going to upgrade / revamp my plot in the next 10 years?
Can I have a shed for our bikes, washing machine, plastic picnic tables and chairs, children's scooters & toys, rubber dingy, deapfreeze etc., ?

If you take simple steps to protect yourselves, the rest of this web site becomes redundant as you will be covered and you should experience quiet enjoyment and a great life style.

If you do not, your risk is that you are vulnerable to a trick that when you have purchased your beautiful but extremely overpriced caravan is to annoy, upset, even harass you to go, they can start the cycle over and over again, as quickly as they can - and there is no law to stop them. It is a lot of money they make.

And more than anything DO NOT believe or trust any given "promise" verbally!

Example:- I have one email where a caravan was viewed and bought on a lake side - when owner came to occupy it, had been moved away from the lake, and he was told that there had been a misunderstanding! Not by him! But what could he do! - you see he just did not get it in writing.

The Goal is to Lawfully bring Bourne Leisure into line get rid of dodgy Contracts, remove rules which breach the law and to allow "quiet enjoyment".

The Office of Fair Trading aware of such poor business tactics wrote a white paper to aid us - its worth a read!


Our Aim:-

x Enforce A morals and Ethics Code

x Stop Rackmanism by the Back Door

x Stop Discrimination

x Stop Overpriced Services and for services which should not be charged for.

x A code of conduct towards Repairs and compensation for tardy services.

x Start Dignity through Human Rights - Remove the No Sheds rule (which is probably unlawful anyway) for the above items and allow ground level access and storage, for heavy & bulky items. AND To dispel Church Farm fabrications (lies?) that it is the Council Regulations - Which the council refute - they are very happy and will approve Metal Sheds as do they on all other local caravan parks.

x Set up a Standard buyers Contract, with a guaranteed buy back Policy.

x Effect change of Law to bring standard rights for housing tenants to Caravan Owners (but still tenants).

x Change Cynical Bourne Leisure Management.

x Then to:-

x Lobby Shareholders and Institutions

x Complaints to Police, H&S Executive

x Councils (to remove licence),

x Trading Standards, Advertising Standards etc.

x National Television and national Press

x ......... etc. etc.

Rogue Traders??... If you bring a grievance to your General Managers Attention or they bring out a rule that will really annoy you, their attitude, is :- Good, Well go then, leave, - (Rackmanism by the back door), so we can resell your caravan (buy yours back at a pittance) and rent out at a higher rent to the next Owner.

or if we do come to some agreeable arrangement, don't worry sometime in the future we will break it, (no honour).

It is also this attitude that we aim to change.

And apparently according to the Bogna Regis Police (West Sussex) they are immune to criminal prosecution, which is why they continue.

Email your tales of woe to publish, or web links to:- owners@

This site is Mainly set up for the largest Owners Site :- Church Farm, Pagham, but other Bourne Leisure Parks are more than welcome to contribute.

POSTED the 9th July 2007

Dear Owners Exclusive

I work for a BBC television programme "Inside Out", where I am researching a feature about the perils of static caravan ownership. Would you permit me to either a) join your forum or b) get you to post a message on your forum on my behalf, canvassing opinions and experiences from your users?

Thanks for any help or suggestions you can give.

Lucy Smickersgill
* BBC North, St Peter's Square, LEEDS, LS9 8AH

*Work: 0113 224 7141

* Fax: 0113 224 7146

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